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Friday, 8 January 2016

KK M Launcher -Marshmallow PRIME v1.7.0

KK M Launcher -Marshmallow PRIME v1.7.0
KKM Launcher is the top Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow launcher, elaborately created by KK Launcher team; Modern, cool and feature-rich launcher
★ What is the different between KKM Launcher and KK Launcher?
1. KK Launcher focus on providing normal launcher experience
2. KKM Launcher focus on providing Android 6.0 Marshmallow launcher experience
★ Who may want KKM Launcher?
1. People who had NOT been updated to Android 6.0, but want to experience Android 6.0 Marshmallow launcher
2. People who had updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but want more powerful and cool launcher than the native Android 6.0 launcher
★ What make KKM Launcher special?
1. KKM Launcher inherit the powerful and stable from KK Launcher
2. KKM Launcher follow Android native launcher experience, but extend many useful features
★ KKM Launcher Features:
1. To let you experience the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow launcher, we provide these cool features:
- Android 6.0 Marshmallow style drawer: Vertical with a-z drag bar and letter bubble, help you quickly find the apps; Showing recent and frequent apps at the front.
- A-Z Drawer: Enhanced vertical marshmallow style drawer, classify apps by letters
- Horizontal Drawer: Conventional horizontal style, you have the choice
- Smooth and cool Ripple/Circle drawer animation
- Convenient marshmallow style widget drawer, classify widget by apps, much easier to explore widgets
- Totally Material design dialog and click effect
2. To make your phone Beautiful and Personalized, we support many icon themes, wallpapers and transition effect
3. Taking care your Security and Privacy, so we provide Hide App, AppLock, Privacy Folder, Guest Mode, Kids Zone features
4. To let you use your phone Smoothly and Efficiently, we provide you useful tools: Cleaner, Booster, Battery saver, T9 search and more
5. Handy Sidebar with recent apps, favorite apps, switchers, torch etc
6. Many desktop gestures; icon gestures; folder gestures
7. Counters: unread SMS; missed Call; notifier for Gmail and WhatsApp
8. Highly customize with many options, you own your devices!
9. Many built in handy widgets
10. More... can't list all the features, explore by yourself to find KKM Launcher's powerful
v1.7 Update(2016-1-6):
1. Optimize drawer setting; easier to set drawer card color
2. Add option to remove menu & search bar from drawer
3. Optimize drawer animation
4. Optimize set default launcher
5. Fix Recent App, Newly Installed App may have blank slot
Download KK M Launcher -Marshmallow PRIME v1.7.0 Apk
Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Win 10 Launcher : Pro v1.6

Win 10 Launcher : Pro v1.6
Win 10 Launcher : Pro v1.6
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: Are you getting bored with Android's User Interface and want to enjoy Windows styled launcher on your Android? No wait now. Win 10 Launcher is here for you (Inspired by Windows 10®). Customize your phone with unique look and feel with the fast, clean and energy efficient Launcher. Surprise your friends with new look of your Android and also share it with your loved ones.
★ No Ads
★ Customizable Theme Colors
★ Android apps in Stylish Tiles
★ Best Apps are available on One Click
★ Windows Phone Experience on your Android
★ Easy Navigation to the Apps
Share your feedback with us to improve it!
What's New
• Fixed phone dialer bug (Long press the phone icon and change the app according to your device's default Phone application.)
• Customizeable Tiles - Press and Hold a tile to customize it
• Applications Info and Uninstall Option
• Stylish Start Menu
• Bug Fixes
• Fixed the crash on application Launch
Google Play
Download Win 10 Launcher : Pro v1.6 Apk
Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Lollipop Launcher Plus v1.2.0

Lollipop Launcher Plus v1.2.0
Lollipop Launcher Plus v1.2.0
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Lollipop Launcher replaces your home screen with one you control and can customize. Change icon themes, layouts, animations and more.
Based on the Android Lollipop Launcher (Google Now Launcher), but supports ICS, Jelly Bean, Kitkat and Lollipop.
- Ok, Google : Use Google Search's hotword right from the home screen, just say the words Ok, Google. Note: Google does not support all devices or locales yet.
- Icon Themes : Find thousands of icon themes on the Play Store, support Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, ADW Launcher icon packs.
- Customize App Drawer : Hide apps, Vertical or Horizontal scrolling, Custom effects
- Infinite scroll : Never far from your favorite page, loop through the desktop or drawer continously
- Scrollable Dock : Create multiple docks and scroll between them
- Gestures : Swipe up/down on desktop to launch apps quickly
- Powerful, fast : Lots of other options and enhancements
Plus Features (Need Lollipop Launcher Plus):
* Folders in drawer
* Unread count notifications for call, sms, gmail and other apps
* Customizable notification badge color
* More desktop gestures: Pinch in/out, Two Finger Swipe and Double-tap
* All icon Swipe up/down gestures
* Support Go Launcher icon pack
* More transition effects
* Widgets overlapping
* Other enhancement and customization options
- Hot Apps
- Fix bugs

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More Info:
PLUS features Unlocked!
Download Lollipop Launcher Plus v1.2.0 Apk or Apk

Next Launcher 3D Shell v3.7.3 Patched

Next Launcher 3D Shell v3.7.3 Patched
Next Launcher 3D Shell v3.7.3 Patched
Requirements: 3.0+
Overview: Next Launcher 3D Shell— Best 3D Launcher Ever. + Brand new UI3.0 Just Released!
Next Launcher 3D Shell shows you how 3D dynamic effects and highly customizable Android home screen replacement app could redefine your Android device. Time to get rid of the flat traditional launcher and embrace REAL 3D Launcher! You deserve it!
Claim Your Next Launcher 3D Shell Right NOW!
Join millions of users for ultimate and splendid operation experience and visual enjoyment!
■ Testimonials
“One of the most heavily customizable, fluid, and striking launchers we’ve ever seen here at Redmond Pie.” - Redmond Pie
“A gorgeous app packed with dynamic effects and 3D elements. The gratifying 3D visual elements, transition effects, and gestures will get you a different and brilliant visual enjoyment and operation experience.” - Topapps
“The launcher features crazy 3D effects, turning any device you own into a futuristic Tron-centric trip. With additional themes and custom widgets downloadable from Google Play, it’s an extensive and extremely comprehensive option for someone looking to spice up their device.” - Droid-life
■ Key Features
- Extremely fancy 3D effect with buttery smooth experience
- Real 3D Home Screen Transition Effects (Crystal, Cloth, Folding and more coming soon)
- Stunning 3D screen preview with dazzling animation of screen switching
- Build unique icon style by changing its size, angle, style and label (Icon Editor)
- Combine all good parts from different themes into a single theme you really love (Theme Mix Mode)
- Efficient and powerful batch apps management with gestures
- Up to 8 different gestures available in home screen and app drawer
- See how cool your phone could be by blowing all the icons and the widgets to air space (Floating Mode)
- Enhanced shining border effects for home screen transition
- Up to 7 rows on dock to shortcut all your favorites
- Keep releasing 3D Next widgets, 3D themes and live wallpapers special designed by GO Launcher Dev Team
Watch Next Launcher 3D demo.
1. Why I have to set Next Launcher as default home screen replacement each time after some devices restarted?
A bug in Android system 4.1.x causes the problem. If you happen to encounter this issue, please download Next Launcher Patchin Google Play and follow the tutorials to fix it.
2. How to avoid home screen elements loading problem?
Please do not install Next Launcher 3D into your SDcard. It will help avoiding home screen elements loading problem due to SDcard loading delay if you restart your phone or remove SDCard.
3. How to use icons in GO Launcher themes?
Install a Go Launcher theme -> Click “Next Key”- > Click "Theme Mix" -> Click the shining desktop elements -> Find the GO Launcher theme and apply it.
If you couldn’t apply some themes, please send themes name and your Next Launcher version to We will follow us ASAP.
We strive to become better than we are, providing the best Android home screen replacement for you! Thanks for your support!
More tips:
Next Launcher V3.7.3
1. (Improved) 3D Weather Widget;
2. (Improved) Add apps from App drawer to home screen;
3. (Improved) Reduce RAM consumption;

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More Info:
NO LP or Google Play MOD needed!
Download Next Launcher 3D Shell v3.7.3 Patched Apk or Apk

GO Launcher -Theme & Wallpaper Prime VIP v1.14 build 480

GO Launcher -Theme & Wallpaper Prime VIP v1.14 build 480
GO Launcher -Theme & Wallpaper Prime VIP v1.14 build 480
Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: GO Launcher EX - the final choice for 200,000,000+ people! User voted best Android Launcher! Download it now to enjoy 10,000+ themes and experience the super speedy and smooth operation provided by powerful 3D core!
GO Launcher 5 has arrived! Its UI and UX has been recreated from bottom to top. Enjoy simple and intelligent new mobile experience, or start customizing the looking and feel in your own way.
As the best home screen replacement, it offers you many first-ever features to customize your own homescreen experience. It is not only for people who taking Android for granted, but for those who take their Android for lifestyle and partner in life.
Sincerely invite you to join GO Launcher Alpha & Beta Program. Make Your Comment. Make A Difference.
■ Testimonials
“ GO Launcher EX took the top spot, bringing home over 37% of the overall vote. ” - Lifehacker (Releasing the result for the poll “What's The Best Android Launcher”)
“If you adopt GO Launcher EX as your default homescreen, you will use it all the time.” - Androidtapp
“GO Launcher EX is perfect for people who are getting a bit tired of seeing the same old Android launch interface.” - CNET
■ Free Features
- GO Panel to add frequently used features with just one click (New)
- More than 10,000 personalized themes (keep increasing)
- Super smooth flipping and transition effects provided by 3D core
- 25+ fancy transition effects
- 15+ widgets available for free (weather, clock, switch, calendar…)
- Launch apps using gestures
■ Pro Features
- Multi-touch to quick access to core functions
- 4 additional splendid transition effects
- No sponsored messages or Ads
1. How to get more free themes, widgets and other resource for GO Launcher EX?
a. Search in Google Play. Or…
b. Get from built-in GO Store via menu.
2. How to set transition effects?
Menu-> Add -> Effect.
More tips here: _
Use of this app is governed by our Terms of Service: _ and Privacy Policy: _
↑ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ↑
Please light up all to help us serve you better!
(New) Checking upgrade, you won't miss every amazing upgrade version!
(New) Plenty of awsome Halloween themes and wallpapers released!
(Optimization) Smaller app size, occupied less rom.
(Optimization) Deeply improve perfomance, making the launcher run more smoothly.
(Better) Bug fixed

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More Info:
PRIME features Unlocked | FULL VIP Paid Themes
Download GO Launcher -Theme & Wallpaper Prime VIP v1.14 build 480 Apk or Apk
Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Marshmallow Launcher PRIME v105.5

The Marshmallow Launcher PRIME v105.5

The Marshmallow Launcher PRIME v105.5

Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: Marshmallow Launcher
The Marshmallow look
To get the Marshmallow look do the following
1.check the "enable A-Z on the right side".
2.Click Marshmallow Drawer Animation and choose Any "One Marshmallow Drawer Animation ".For speed choose the third one.
★Slide screen > slide from the left edge of the phone, there is a whole new interface .
★Built around googles now launcher so extremely stable.
★There are literally hundreds of customization options.
★You can add your favourite apps on the slide screen.
★Hide apps > go to app drawer > menu on top of the screen >hide apps.
★Customize folder as you like there a separate section for that
★Gesture support.
★Missed call/sms/email count.
★Folder background color can be customized.
★Letter guide ui available in the app drawer go to app drawer section of the launcher setting to avail this option
★App drawer transparency can be customized.
Version 105 is a major update
Lots of bug fixes
UI update
Side bar issues on lower screen resolution phone fixed.
Backup and restore bug fixed
UI changes .
Desktop edit mode ui changes

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More Info:
Prime features unlocked!
Download The Marshmallow Launcher PRIME v105.5 Apk or Apk

Sloth Launcher Premium v3.0.1

Sloth Launcher Premium v3.0.1
Sloth Launcher Premium v3.0.1
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: Get quick access to your apps, shortcuts and quick-toggles just when you need them. Create multiple scenarios by using different trigger which will ensure that your apps are only available when needed.
Get quick access to your apps, shortcuts and quick-toggles just when you need them. Create multiple scenarios by using different trigger which will ensure that your apps are only available when needed.
Example Scenarios
Get quick access to your music apps when you plug in your headset
Get quick access to your fitness apps and favorite music playlist when nearby your workout location
Get quick access to your navigation and fuel-saving apps when connected to your in-car Bluetooth
• NEW: Chose between 2 display modes: Notification, sidebar-overlay
• NEW: Assign quick-toggles to your szenarios (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Silent mode, Flashlight, Auto-rotate)
• NEW: Assign shortcuts to your szenarios (e.g. Direct call a contact or start google maps navigation to a specific location)
• NEW: Customize your shortcuts by using our new app "Aycon"
• Intuitive user interface (Material Design)
• Ad-Free
• Theme Editor: Change the notification or sidebar-overlay appearance to match your personal style (Premium-Feature)
• Icon-pack support
• Works with your existing launcher
Trigger Types
Free Trigger types:
• Headphones: When headphones are plugged in
• Wi-Fi: When connected to a specific Wi-Fi network
• Always active: Scenario is always active
Premium Trigger types:
• Bluetooth: When connected to a specific Bluetooth device
• Charging: When the device is charging
• GEO Location: When in a certain location
• Calling: When calling
• Time: On specific time / day
• Tasker: When receiving a Tasker System Intent
• Notification: When a notification of a specific app is shown
Sloth Launcher needs the following permissions to operate correctly
View Wi-Fi connections
Used by our Wi-Fi Trigger to detect Wi-Fi connection changes
view network connections
Required for Google Maps in the GEO Location Trigger to determine whether data can be downloaded
precise location (GPS and network-based)
Required for our GEO Location Trigger
acccess Bluetooth settings
Used by our Bluetooth trigger to detect when a Bluetooth device has been connected or disconnected
pair with Bluetooth devices
Required to read the list of paired Bluetooth devices during the configuration of the Bluetooth Trigger
connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
Allows us to turn on your Wi-Fi to get the list of known Wi-Fi networks during the configuration of the Wi-Fi Trigger
full network access
Required for Google Maps to download map tiles from Google Maps servers
read phone status and identity
Used by our Calling trigger to detect phone calls
run at startup
Required to start our background service after a device reboot
draw over other apps
Allows us to display our overlay on top of other apps
control vibration
Touch feedback
read, modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
Required for Google Maps to cache map tile data
Google Play billing service
Required for our in-app Premium upgrade
Take pictures and videos
Required for our flashlight quick-toggle
Modify system settings
Required for our orientation quick-toggle
Directly call phone numbers
Start a call with your contact from our overlay
- Reduced minimum widget size to 2x1
- Fixed Tasker-Trigger
- Minor bugfixes
- Added homescreen widget
- New displaymode: 'Widget only'
- Minor bugfixes and improvements
Please support our work and rate Sloth Launcher if you like it. Thanks!

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More Info:
Download Sloth Launcher Premium v3.0.1 Apk or Apk
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